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Join the many gun owners from around the world who have made us their go-to gun shop. A family owned and operated company, we make everyone, including first-time gun owners and female shooters, feel like part of the family.

Since its inception, Palmetto State Armory has focused on providing the best quality AR-15 parts and accessories for the best price possible. Following year after year of exponential growth, Palmetto State Armory’s core principle remains the same, and our commitment to freedom before profit remains unwavering. 

Putting guns into “common use” is an important legal defense established by the Supreme Court that safeguards the rights of the people against tyranny by prohibiting restrictions on firearms found to be “in common use”. Putting any gun into “common use” protects against any attempt by the government to further infringe on the Second Amendment right of all Americans.

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Discount Arms Online Shop are covered by an industry leading 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. This extends beyond the original purchaser. We want the person who bought a great quality firearm at an excellent price to have comfort in knowing that no matter what, the firearm can be fixed at no additional cost.

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