Aguila 5.56x45MM 62gr FMJBT 50 Rounds



SKU: 1E556110

Brand: Aguila

UPC: 640420003245

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO

Material: Brass



This is 5.56 NATO FMJ-BT, 62-Grain Centerfire, Aguila Ammunition Created for the shooter who wants precision, this ammunition’s full metal jacket (FMJ) keeps its speed and trajectory, so your bullet stays on target.
Built with a unique boat tail (BT) design, it also reduces drag with increased wind resistance. Meaning your bullet won’t drop as rapidly as some flat base ammo.
So, whether you’re shooting for tactical application, firing at targets, or hunting, this ammo is for you. Made to decreases drag and maintain speed so you can be on target every time.


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