Glock 17M (9mm)


The Glock 17M – 9mm was developed for use by the FBI and served as the predecessor to the Gen5 line.

The 17M includes all of the standard Gen5 features, such as the straight front grip area, flared magwell, nDLC finish, as well as the Glock Marksman Barrel.



The Glock 17m – 9mm , Glock 17 gen 5, Glock 17 gen 5  was developed for use by the FBI and served as the predecessor to the Gen 5 line. Glock 17 Gen5 MOS, glock 17 9mm for sale, Glock 17 gen5 for sale, order Glock 17 online

The 17M includes all of the standard Gen5 features, such as the straight front grip area, flared mag well, nDLC finish, as well as the Glock Marksman Barrel.

The Glock 17 in 9x19mm is the most commonly used police enforcement pistol in the world, and it is also one of the most popular pistols sold to civilians in the United States.

Police officers and security professionals across the globe rely on it for its unmatched dependability, high magazine capacity of 17 rounds, and lightweight.

It is trusted by law enforcement officers and security professionals around the world. Because of the innovative “Safe Action” trigger mechanism, it is very safe, simple, and fast to operate.

The Glock 17m is a professional-grade pistol.

Glock 17m 9mm

In 2016, the 17M was made in light of FBI sales for another full-size 9mm Pistol. Contrasts from the Generation 4 model incorporate removing the finger grooves and using both hands slide lock and adjusted slide nose profile. An erupted magazine well with new magazine baseplates and a harder completion on metal segments.

The Glock 17M 9mm likewise forsakes the polygonal rifling of past models for traditional rifling. As of 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the South Carolina Highway Patrol. And the Ontario Provincial Police have embraced the gun as standard. The sales particulars strayed from the determinations of Glock fourth-generation models.

Glock 17 M Gen 5

Glock Presented the “fifth generation” or “Gen 5” in August 2017. The updates fixated on ergonomics and further developing reliability. Numerous pieces of fifth-generation Glock guns can’t be exchanged with those of the past generations.

The  Glock 17 was declared, chambered for the 9×19 Parabellum. Some obvious changes on the fifth-generation models are using both hands slide stop switches, DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) surface completion for barrel and slide.

A barrel including an amended style of polygonal rifling (called the “Glock Marksman Barrel” by Glock), a more profound recessed barrel crown, oversight of the finger grooves on the hold.

An erupted magazine well and a renewed introduction of a (half-moon molded) pattern on the base front of the grasp. The locking block pin situated over the trigger pin that was presented in the third generation is discarded.

The “Gen 5” slide can highlight front serrations (FS) to give an extra material footing surface decision. The magazines were likewise reexamined for the fifth-generation models.

The overhauled magazine floor plates highlight a frontward distending lip to offer hold for manual helped extraction. And the magazine follower got orange colored for simpler visual recognizable proof.

Performance And Features

Glock guns have become the company’s most profitable line of items. They have been provided to public military, security offices, and police powers in 48 countries. Glocks are also famous among regular citizens for sporting and rivalry shooting, home-and self-protection, both in covered. In 2017, the Glock 17m 9mm was the smash hit gun on GunBroker.

Glock is

  • safe easy and quick
  • ambidextrous slide stop lever
  • the safe action trigger system
  • magazine catch 
  • Amerigo agent night
  • sights unsurpassed reliability 
  • Glock handgun 
  • sights extended

Mechanism Glock 17m

The Glock 17 M 9mm is a short recoil-operated, bolted breech self-loader gun, which utilizes a changed Browning cam-lock framework adjusted from the Hi-Power pistol. Glock guns consolidate various highlights expected to improve unwavering quality in unfavorable conditions.

For example, using progressed metal coatings, “stub” slide directs rather than genuine edge rails, and a unique positioning system. Wherein the trigger is halfway answerable for positioning the strike.

By depending in part on power from the shooter’s trigger finger to cock the striker. A Glock viably lessens the load on the recoil spring as the slide pushes ahead into the battery. glock 17 9mm for sale

However, practically any remaining striker-shot guns available depend completely on the force spring to cockerel the striker. order Glock 17 online

This plan gives the force spring fewer undertakings as the activity cycles. Furthermore, assisting with guaranteeing that adequate energy is accessible to strip another round from the magazine and accomplish full battery in any event when the breach, chamber, and magazine are intensely fouled. Glock 17 Gen5 MOS, glock 17 9mm for sale, order Glock 17 online


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