Glock Switch



glock full auto switch

glock full auto switch, buy glock switch  online Highly demanded Glock G17, G19, G22 and G23 handgun switch for glock is here!. Glock switch, This switch turn a glock handgun into a mini-machine gun making it a full automatic pistols as it is capable of firing multiple shots continuously Here  at discount arms online shop, we have the highly demanded Semi/Full Automatic Glock Handgun Switch. glock switch for sale in limited stock so order now and get yours.


  • Easily installed and removed with no permanent modifications.
  • Two/One Hand Racking.
  • Enhances overall grip on the slide.

Three safeties disengage in sequence as the trigger is pulled and mechanically reengage when the trigger is launched.

Polymer frame

The lightweight and durable polymer frame absorbs recoil due to the dampening features of the polymer.

Magazine capacity

The G18C and G18 come with 17+2 rounds magazines with extended floor plate. Top capacity magazines up to thirty-three rounds are accessible. What are switches on Glocks 



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