An AK 47 can hit a target 2,000 feet away in one second. It weighs no more than 10 pounds. It is 14 inches long. It can be cleaned without hassle. It disassembles easily. It never jams. It is effective, light, portable, reliable – and no military expertise is required to use it (AK47). This gun can be fired by any man, woman, or child. And in third world revolutions across the world, it has been fired. Type “AK 47” into a library database and books on almost every revolution from the late 20th century will appear. This weapon has been in the hands of men, women, and children in Serbia, Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, India, and Iran. It has been hand crafted in Pakistan and mass produced in Russia. It has killed those who opposed the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is the focal point of a museum in Izhevsk, Russia. It is the centerpiece of artwork in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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